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The Tater Patch Players is a busy, active community theater troupe which produces five-main stage productions annually. We also have special productions, movies and concerts, added throughout the year.  We are conveniently located at 95 Philadelphia Lane in Jasper, Georgia.

Our theater, complete with presentation equipment, great acoustics and comfortable seating for over 100, can be a great location for YOUR group to hold meetings, workshops or other get-togethers.  Enjoy the website and learn more about us.  If you have a show or an act you would like to produce at our theater, or if you wish to discuss renting all or part of our theater for an activity, please get in touch at taterpatchplayers@gmail.com or 706-253-2800.

Last weekend for Sylvia ahead

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shelter donation

Tater Patch President Jan Simpson presents a check and donated pet items to the Pickens County Animal Shelter.

Is the upcoming play, Sylvia about a dog, or is it about a married couple? Those of us who have dogs know what an impact they have on our lives. The same is true for Greg and Kate, played by Alex Nawrocki and Ellen Painter. Kate is a woman with an empty nest. A new nest in upscale New York City. The kids are in college, the suburbs are behind her. She has been chosen to implement what is, to her, an innovative new program in the inner city middle schools. She is a woman on the rise. Greg’s nest is empty too. The kids are away at school and Kate is away on her new career path. His job and his boss are both becoming unbearable. He is in a loft apartment surrounded by modern art and an undefined “need”. This could be a recipe for a very grim story of marital loneliness and despair. Instead, as Greg says “Suddenly, Sylvia!”
Sylvia, the mongrel dog in search of someone to care for her, comes up to Greg in the park. It’s truly love at first sight, at least for Greg and Sylvia. Kate, on the other hand, is ready to take wing on her new career and city life. She is not ready for the responsibilities of either a dog or an increasingly starry-eyed husband. The way Greg and Kate cope with the changes brought by Sylvia are a delightful mishmash of laughter, anger and frustration, still more laughter, and situations with which the audience members are sure to identify.
Ellen and Alex have played opposite each other in four previous and very diverse shows: Dracula, Almost Maine, Lend Me A Tenor, and Postmortem. They are finding their acting skills challenged once more in the current production. Ellen describes the character. Kate. “She is losing control of her life and her plans”. Ellen once suffered a broken wrist and says that, while it was healing, her lack of control of the everyday things in life — picking up a package, brushing her hair — makes her able to “empathize with Kate, with that feeling of everyday things being unmanageable”. Alex reflected on his character as well. “Greg has successfully managed family and life for 22 years. Now times have changed. His job is going to hell, his home life has evolved, and he meets the dog whose spirit provides him with the emotional and mental comfort he needs. Along the way he finds his new friend helps him to understand more about life and himself.”
Sylvia, like all dogs, gives him unconditional love and comfort and asks only to be fed. She wants to have the same relationship with Kate, but theirs is a much harder road to travel. Along the way there are disagreements, a little sadness, and a lot of laughter. Please be aware that this play, while funny, is not for children as there are adult situations and language. Come join this unusual family as Sylvia, by A. R. Gurney, is performed February 12, 13, 14. The o Sunday show is at 2 PM, and the other two are at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $18 for adults and $16 for seniors and $14 for students. The theater is at 95 Philadelphia Lane, behind the Wal-Mart shopping center. Tickets may be bought online at www.taterpatchplayers.org or at the box office beginning one hour before each performance. Because of the work they do helping to find forever homes for the “Sylvias” of our area, we were proud to donate a portion of our first weekend’s box office proceeds, plus Shelter “needs” items donated by our patrons to the Pickens County Animal Shelter.

Noises Off! is in rehearsalNoises Off

Our second play of the season is a hilarious farce.  Noises Off, by Michael Frayn, tells the story of a group of actors trying to put on a classic British “bedroom farce”.  This means lots of slamming doors, naughty dialogue and trouser-dropping.  But of course, nothing is going well.  Lloyd the director puts it like this:  “That’s what it’s all about.  Doors and sardines.  Getting on — getting off.  Getting the sardines on — getting the sardines off.  That’s farce.  That’s the theater.  That’s life”.  And so with this teasing bit of dialogue, we begin yet another show in our season of comedy.  It doesn’t “go up”, as they say, until April.  In the meantime, we’ll bring you lots of peeks behind the scenes and intros to the actors.





SYLVIA is back!  We had to cancel this show in 2015 when an actor sustained a leg injury on her job.  The cast is assembled, and rehearsals are beginning.  Look forward to this comedy, with some adult themes and language, to open our 2016 season in late January. Directed by Stanley O’Kelley.
NOISES OFF has been called the funniest theater farce ever written.  Fast and delightful dialogue, wonderful pranks, and an unbelievable scene change that the audience can watch.  April 2016. Directed by Patrick Hall and Nan Nawrocki.
THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY is a witty comedy of golf, girls, and goings-on.  A great laugh for everyone, but especially all you golfers out there.  July 2016, director Pat Jewell and Calvin Smith.
MAMA WON’T FLY is another great Southern comedy by your favorite writing trio of Hope Jones Wooten.  This show will take you on a cross-country romp with Mama.  Put some South in your mouth… it’ll make you laugh! Directed by Audrey Kirsten-Lewis,  September 2016.
IN-LAWS, OUTLAWS, AND OTHER PEOPLE (WHO SHOULD BE SHOT) This is our holiday show for 2016.  Yes indeed a crazy holiday dinner goes VERY wrong, with all the people mentioned in the title.  Hilarious — and surprisingly Christmas-y! Directed by Jan Simpson,  November/December 2016.

We’re also working on a youth theater workshop, so all you moms, dads and grandparents, keep checking for details.  To get the latest news the fastest, sign up, on the sidebar to your right for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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